February 2016

Jill on leave 

Jill Shelby, one of the original teachers at Eastlake Yoga, will be taking some time off for medical reasons. She estimates that she will return to teaching within a few weeks but it could be as long a couple of months.

She has been teaching four weekly classes at Eastlake Yoga as well at other locations. Jill is a wonderful woman and teacher, we are keeping her in our thoughts and prayers for a prompt return to teaching.

Marianne Clarke, one of Jill's longtime students and a yoga teacher in her own right, will be subbing the Friday morning Hatha Early Bird. We are seeking other teachers to fill in for her other classes until her return.

Two new teachers

Katrina Knudson and Michael Jones plan to begin teaching at Eastlake Yoga. Katrina is certified to teach hatha and kundalini yoga. The format for the class        is a flow or vinyasa beginning and a kundalini meditation.

Katrina's class will be Monday evenings 6-7:15pm, beginning February 29.

Michael Jones is a veteran and comes to yoga from a martial arts path.  The power of the practice is evident in his classes. Michael turned to yoga as a  practice that seems to contain the effects of Parkinson's disease.'

He completed his certification at the Recovery Café, where he still teaches. He     is skilled at adapting postures while still keeping the practice strong. 

Michael will resume the Thursday Community class, 6:30-7:45pm March 3.


Yoga India tours  

Martena, a senior Kundalini Teacher, trained in India, will resume her biannual    tours in March and October 2016.

These activity-filled tours include traveling in cars and trains to Dharamsala, home   of the Dalai Lama, the Golden Temple at Amritsar, Rishikesh and the Parmarh Nikaton Ashram, Hardiwar, home of the Mansa Devi temple, as well as the Taj  Mahal in Agra. 

For info, click here or contact Martena.wilson@gmail.com.


6:30-7:45am Hatha Yoga - Early Bird suspended
10-11:15am Yin/Yang Yoga Sally
12:05-12:55 Yoga for Lunch suspended
6 -7:15pm Yoga for All Bodies Sally
7:30-9pm Open Heart, Open Voice* Gina
10-11:15am Hatha Yoga (moderate) Ellen
6:30-7:45am Hatha Yoga - Early Bird Marianne
12:05-12:55 Yoga for Lunch suspended
8:45-10:15am Hatha Yoga Dexter
10:30-11:30 Hatha Yoga for Beginners John
8:45-10:15am Restorative Yoga John
10:30-noon Kundalini Yoga Doris

*Please check website ginasala.com for schedule changes and fees.

Class Fees

     5-class pass 50-60 min.  60
     5-class regular pass  65
     10-class pass - 50-60 min.  115
     10-class pass - regular  125
     Monthly unlimited  110
     Drop-in (regular)  15
     Drop-in (noon)   13